Operation Hootenanny a Success

Every good operation needs a costume, and lucky for the gays
I had a hat that matched their concert theme to a T.
On Wednesday I found out from my BFF Michael that his partner, who travels quite a bit for work, was not going to make it home in time for his concert with the San Francisco Gay Mens Chorus. This broke my heart, as he was particularly excited about the theme and music for this show, "Hootenanny." Later that night when John asked what I wanted for my birthday (besides raising money for Team Rubicon) my answer was, "I want to go to Michael's concert."

Commence Operation Hootenanny.

I bought tickets for Saturday night's show, and we decided we'd leave Friday after work and drive part of the way there. I had to be stealth, though, because I use social media and couldn't let on what I was up to. So I checked in at La Costa Spa on Foursquare Friday, knowing he'd see that and think I had plans for my birthday weekend. Trouble was, I didn't know if he was going to be home or if he would get a room in San Francisco since they had shows Friday and Saturday nights plus a Saturday matinee.

Our fab flower lady.
Through some Facebook stalking sleuthing I figured out he was staying in San Francisco for the show, and late Friday afternoon I booked a hotel near his. (Thanks Priceline!) We headed up the 5, leaving San Diego well after rush hour, and stopped the night in Santa Clarita. Saturday morning we continued on to the Big Gay City By The Bay.

I figured the matinee was the best time to surprise him. I went back and forth: do we go to his hotel and knock on his door? Wait in the lobby? Show up at the concert? I knew for sure I wanted to get him a big bouquet of flowers, and in a stroke of Providence there was a stand right outside our hotel.

In the end, I decided to have John hide behind a ginormous bunch of flowers and give them to Michael. Meanwhile, I'd stand off to the side, filming it all.

Here's his reaction:

Concert tickets: $70
Gas money for surprising your BFF: $58
Catching it on camera and posting it online for the world to see: priceless

Side note:
SFGMC really put the "ho" in hoe-down tonight.
If you ever get an opportunity an opportunity to see the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus live, do it. Their stunning, ethereal version of "Oh What a Beautiful Morning/Home on the Range" numbed the senses.

Of course, they followed up with a drag act that involved boas, beards and cowboys - and really, who would want it any other way? Under the stellar direction of Dr. Tim Seelig, these boys brought the house down.

Here's them singing "I'll Be On My Way" with artists Shawn Kirchner and Ryan Harrison. and "Sacramento-Sis Joe."